Discover the 9 Leading Causes of Belly Fat & 7 Ways to Reduce it 💪😍

1. Genetics factors

They found that 67.7% of belly fat is attributed to diet and other environmental factors, while 17.9% is influenced by our genes.

Do genetics determine body fat?

Genetics play an interesting role in body composition, especially when it comes to body fat. Your body is designed to store fat in certain places, depending on gender, age, and of course, your family genes.

Am I overweight because of genetics?

In some cases, multiple genes may increase one’s susceptibility for obesity and require outside factors such as abundant food supply or little physical activity.

How do I know if my fat is genetic?

Genes are probably a significant contributor to your obesity if you have most or all of the following characteristics:

  1. You have been overweight for much of your life.
  2. One or both of your parents or several other blood relatives are significantly overweight.

Is visceral belly fat genetic?

Genetics determine your body shape and how your body stores visceral fat. But environmental factors such as diet and exercise play a key role as well.

Is it hard to lose genetic fat?

In contrast, people with a strong genetic predisposition to obesity may not be able to lose weight with the usual forms of diet and exercise therapy.

Even if they lose weight, they are less likely to maintain the weight loss.

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