Discover the 9 Leading Causes of Belly Fat & 7 Ways to Reduce it 💪😍

2. Poor sleep

A 2013 study suggests that short sleep duration is associated with weight gain, which can result in excess belly fat. However, this study does not establish causality.

Furthermore, inadequate sleep duration is linked to an increase in food intake, which may contribute to the accumulation of abdominal fat.

Insufficient sleep may also lead to unhealthy eating behaviors, such as emotional eating.

Can lack of sleep give you belly fat?

New research from Mayo Clinic shows that lack of sufficient sleep combined with free access to food increases calorie consumption and consequently fat accumulation, especially unhealthy fat inside the belly.

How should I sleep to lose belly fat?

Side sleeping: This position helps to improve sleep, lose weight and pain. back, avoid swelling in legs, buttocks, thighs. Sleeping on the left side is a good position for the digestive system, avoiding the accumulation of fat.

Am I fat because I don’t sleep?

Poor sleep is strongly linked to weight gain.

If you’re trying to lose weight, the amount of sleep you get can be just as important as diet and exercise. Studies show that people with a short sleep duration tend to weight significantly more than those who get adequate, quality sleep.


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