6 best exercises for women to lose weight

Are you looking for an effective method to lose weight? Losing weight is much more than just dieting. Here are the 7 best exercises to lose weight and stay fit.

We believe that a workout at home can be just as effective as a class at the gym. That’s why we have selected the best exercises for you. Today we will work on strengthening and building all the muscles that make your body strong.

Here are six such exercises that can help you lose those extra pounds and make you feel confident and fit again.

Let’s begin!

1- Forward tilts of the body

Stand up straight, with your feet shoulder width apart and your arms crossed over your chest. Move your pelvis backward, tilting your body forward until it is parallel to the floor. Your knees should be slightly bent and your back straight. Return to the starting position, shift your body weight to your heels, tense your buttocks and move your pelvis slightly forward. Do 15 repetitions.

2- Lunges with a jump

Do a classic lunge, jump up as you leave the exercise and switch legs in the air. Repeat 10 times on each side.

3- One-leg squat

Stand with your back to a couch or chair. Lift your left leg above the floor and then crouch down on the couch. Stand with one leg propped up, hands held in front of you. Repeat 8 times for each side.

4- Mountain climber

Stand in a plank on straight arms. Back is straight, pelvis is not sagging. Make sure there is no discomfort in the lower back. From this position, take turns bringing your knees toward your hands. The body must remain stationary. Perform 30 such reps.

5- Plank with shoulder touch

Remain in the plank. Alternately touch your shoulders with your hands while maintaining your body position. Do 30 times.

6- Squats

Grab water bottles or dumbbells. Bend your arms so that the dumbbells touch your shoulders. Squat down, and at the exit of the exercise, straighten your arms. Then lower them and do the squat again. Repeat 15 times.

Choose several sets of exercises for home training and do them in your free time. It may be hard at first, but don’t give up. In a few weeks you will be surprised at how much your body has strengthened.

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Share these helpful workout with all your friends! They will thank you later when they lose weight!