6 simple sciatica stretches you can do in bed

Sciatica is a problem that causes pain and tingling from the lower back to the legs. Among its main causes is a herniated disc, i.e. a bulge in the cushioning between bones of the spine. It can also be , bone degeneration or tight hip muscles.

This is why more people are looking for alternatives to reduce discomfort, which is why the 6 stretches that are part of this article can help relieve the nervous pressure of the bed. But if you do not see improvement, it is important that you consult your doctor to evaluate the situation and your particular case.

For greater effectiveness, it is recommended to try all the exercises so you can get to know which one works best for you and adapts to your personal needs. You should also do them daily before getting out of bed in the morning or at night before going to sleep. If you feel uncomfortable, you can do them on the floor, protecting your body by using a mat.

1-Upward pressure

Start on your stomach with your elbows exactly under your shoulders and your forearms resting on the bed, then lift your chest and stretch from your tailbone to the top of your neck, allowing your back to arch. You should hold the position for 30 seconds.

2-Extension upward

Start lying face down with your hands resting beside your shoulders and pressing against the bed to lift your upper body, keeping your hips and pelvis still. You should extend from the tailbone to the neck, allowing the back to arch for 10 seconds, now slowly lower and start again to complete 10 repetitions.

3-Knees to chest

Start lying on your back on the bed or floor with an exercise mat, then bring your knees towards your chest and hug them with both arms, as shown in the picture, allowing the lower back to round and hold the position for 30 seconds.

4-Pelvic Tilt

For this stretch you should likewise lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor or bed. Bring your back against the floor as you contract your abdominal muscles, then lift your pelvis slightly and hold the position for 10 seconds and continue the movement for 10 repetitions.

5-Knee to opposite shoulder

Start by lying on your back with your legs extended, then lift your right leg and place your hands behind your knee. Now you should slowly pull the right knee towards the left shoulder. So that you can stay in the position for about 30 seconds, continue the exercise until you complete 3 repetitions. Finally switch legs and do the same.


For this last pose, although it may seem complicated it is actually quite simple and effective. Start by lying on your back on the exercise mat so that you don’t abuse your body or your bed, depending on how you feel comfortable.

Now you should bend your knees so that your feet are supported, either on the bed or the floor. Bring the right ankle over the left knee and place the hands behind the left knee to gently pull the legs towards the chest while pressing the right knee away from the chest, as shown in the picture.

The idea is to try to stay in the position for 30 seconds, return to the start and continue the movement until completing 3 repetitions. Then change legs and repeat the same procedure.