Top 10 Business Management Software to Start Using Now



The best small, medium, and large business management software enables you to run your business smoothly and efficiently, taking the headache out of everything from organizing your projects and meetings to managing time; excellent business management software that we will discuss in detail in today’s article.


Top 10 Business Management Software to Start Using Now

In the following lines, we will mention the best business management software to use now in all your business:



If you are a business owner or the owner of a large or small project, you will need a means of your own through which you can manage the project and view all the project details throughout the day, hence the role of the Trello program.


The Trello program is dedicated to managing projects in a practical and detailed way and shows you the extent of the development of the project and the time stage of each task within the project.


What is Trello:

Trello is a program produced by Fog Creek, one of the largest business management software design companies. Trello is a culmination of the efforts of this previous company because this program has achieved great success.


Trello is an entirely free program, and many versions of it are suitable for all different operating devices, whether it is Windows or Mac ios, as well as a version for mobile phones Android / Tablet, as well as iPhone / iPad, as well as a Web version that you can browse directly Via the browser, so you will not have a problem to follow your work from anywhere in the world and with any electronic device you own.


Trello Features:

Trello has a large number of features, but the most important of these are the following:

  • You can manage your project accurately and show all the details.
  • Through it, you can see the development of each task within each project.
  • You can set the dates for each job within the project and notify when the time rate for each task expires.
  • You can work on this program with an entire team, where you can distribute tasks among team members and see the work of each individual in the total project and the extent of the achievement of his career.
  • And through the program settings, you can send a notification to all members of the work team when a particular part of the project ends, when the project plan changes, or according to the program’s presets.
  • You can open the program from any operating device at any time because it supports all operating devices.
  • The program is entirely free and does not require any additional cost from you.
  • The program has a straightforward interface that enables you to deal with it and learn it very quickly and without high prior experience.


How to create a new project:

  1. First of all, you have to go to the main page of Trello and then follow these steps:
  2. You click on Create aboard.
  3. After that, a submenu will appear for you to type the project’s name in the Add board title field.
  4. After that, you determine the extent of the project’s privacy, and you will have two options, “private or public,” so choose the appropriate option for you. Still, it is better to be private and, from the inside, invite the work team.
  5. And then, you choose the background of the project.
  6. You can download a pre-made template for the project if you are a preset template directly.



HubSpot CRM is one of the most popular inbound marketing and prospecting tools on the market today. As part of Hubspot’s comprehensive sales suite, this CRM system helps with everything from the follow-up to recording results. What’s more, Hubspot’s CRM also integrates with a range of excellent third-party services. Combine your CRM solution with Hubspot Profiles, marketing services, sales strategies, and more.


HubSpot CRM is one of the cookie-cutter CRMs, so that it won’t work for some companies. Although it is very similar to Pipedrive and Salesforce, some people will find that competing tools have a more comprehensive range of customization options.


You can’t just go there and add unique features, so you’re pretty much stuck with what’s on offer. However, I love HubSpot CRM for small and large businesses that can do without all the customizations.


If you are a small business owner, entrepreneur on a tight budget, or a startup, then you should consider trying HubSpot CRM. It’s an entirely free solution, with unlimited users and up to 1,000,000 contacts (more than most of us can dream of). You only pay if you want the extra features that only a tiny percentage of businesses need or want.


HubSpot CRM Features

The best HubSpot CRM has standard features that you would expect from competitors that require you to pay for their software. However, what’s great is that many of the free versions of the Sales and Marketing Hub tools are also integrated with HubSpot CRM.


So, you’re getting more than you expect from other alternatives, and you don’t have to pay a dime. Yes, HubSpot is definitely trying to push you for other products, but that’s not a bad thing since you’re not under pressure, and you’ll likely consider these products at some point.


First and foremost, you get your CRM software for free. This is no small thing when you think about the CRM tools you get. However, if you decide that you need something more than just a free CRM provision, the upgrade is always an option.


HubSpot CRM has a great dashboard design, sorting out all the deals you’ve won or lost, along with the contracts you’ve sent out during the process. The interface includes options for tracking performance and knowing your top salespeople.



ProofHub is an online project management application that helps teams organize projects and get work done. With an organized interface and an emphasis on simplicity, ProofHub offers all the essential tools you need to manage a project.


Not only does ProofHub have every feature under the sun, but it’s also not overly complicated, which makes learning the ropes easy. The pricing is suitable for a small growing team, as ProofHub charges a flat monthly price regardless of how many people use the account.


After reviewing over twenty different project management software and apps, we chose Teamwork and Zoho Projects as options for editors for small businesses. They share many similarities with ProofHub, but they are a little better than them in terms of features and quality. If these services do not suit your needs, ProofHub should shortlist the alternatives.


ProofHub Prices and Plans

ProofHub offers three plans: Free, Essential, and Ultimate Control. You won’t find the free plan advertised on ProofHub, but you can get it by requesting an account via an email to


For paid plans, the company charges a flat monthly or annual fee to an unlimited number of account members rather than charging each person. ProofHub gives you a free 30-day trial for paid plans.


ProofHub Essential costs $50 per month or $540 per year. You can manage up to 40 projects, and you will get 15GB of storage space. It includes all the service’s basic features, such as time tracking, group chats, project templates, file release, and Gantt charts.


It does not contain project and resource reports or a project manager role that allows you to identify problems before they occur. The basic account also loses management features, such as the ability to manage permissions through roles (administrator, user, and client), as well as advanced activity logs.


ProofHub Ultimate Control costs $150 per month or $1,620 per year. Storage space increases to 100GB, and there is no limit to the number of projects you can manage.


The Ultimate Control plan includes everything in Essential, plus project and resource reports, the project manager’s role, administrative controls, API access, and priority support.


ProofHub Features

  1. ProofHub offers a wide range of features, enough for any small or medium-sized team to manage a project, but not so many that you’ll get lost in it.
  2. It offers task management tools, milestones, Gantt charts, time tracking, reports, notifications, calendar, in-app chatbox, and other valuable features.
  3. Powerful task management tools.
  4. You can add many details to any task, including the estimated time to complete the job, labels (such as tags), and the documents you upload to the task.
  5. ProofHub gives you a bunch of options when you want to check out a job as well. You can mark it as in progress or done.



Cloud service, which allows you to organize joint work in the company. I decided to test this product and see if you want to organize cooperation with a single service. Bitrix24 combines all the necessary tools used in the company and simplifies their use.


There is a system for setting tasks, a social network that operates by correspondence, storing shared, private, public, and personal files, tools for working with documents, CRM, and accounting for working time.


Of course, I cannot tell you in one post, but I will try to highlight the primary tool in which any company can be useful. This is how the battery work screen looks like.


This is a cloud service, and you can obtain access to it from any device; all you need is your username and password. That is, you can safely work “on the remote” while standing in traffic, work outside the house if you get sick, or decide on an important question during the trip.


Working at Bitrix24 starts with entering data on your company, ordering its structure to departments, and making employees. Make it very easily, any will understand).


You can contact the employee immediately through the system by writing him a personal message or chatting on video links.


Bitrix24 has many opportunities to define and perform tasks. Tasks can install any user system: manager, boss, manager, or regular employee.


You can set any number of standard valves, such as an entire section. So that nothing is lost, the task is assigned a status, and the deadline for implementation is set – the deadline. All assignments are immediately displayed on the employee’s calendar to which they are handed over.


Features of Bitrix24

  • You can create a shared calendar for an entire department or the entire company. Or combine employee personal calendars with workgroup and task calendars.
  • Bitrix24 convenient warning system lets anyone not miss a thing. You can configure email alerts; also, in the system itself, there are alerts in the form of flashing icons, dialog boxes, and sound.
  • I will tell you about the business chat. This is an excellent alternative to correspondence in third-party messengers, and at the end of the business, is exceptional.
  • Here you can write messages to individual employees in person, create joint chats, arrange voice chat and group video call.
  • Everything in Bitrix24 tools required for task management is designed.
  • When the manager finds the client, he brings all his contacts into one database – so all names, communications, email, and parts remain in the Bitrix24 database and are always available.



Every day we end up spending most of our time on urgent but low-priority tasks and putting off the most essential duties. The Pareto Principle applies here and relates to the 80/20 rule, which is 80% of the most critical work done if you try to do the 20% highest priority tasks. Any effective task management software should lead you to these 20% highest priority tasks.


With nTask task management software, you’ll spend more time getting things done and less time managing them. The task management module helps you effectively track critical milestones, identify dependencies, get tasks done, and thus improve your productivity.


nTask main benefits

  • Help you organize, assign, and prioritize tasks using color coding, all from one central place.
  • Complex projects are divided into many interrelated or independent tasks.
  • It integrates every business to ensure that customers are given a high-quality product at a low cost.
  • It eliminates the need to remember all the tasks and makes you more productive by sending timely reminders.
  • It allows you to define goals and milestones, record deliverables, and manage deadlines.


Manage project activities from a central location

Project tasks and to-do lists make it easy to organize and manage your work items, all in one central, easily accessible place.


You can monitor the status of tasks, assign members, send email reminders, and track the progress of your project. Moreover, you can turn emails into tasks.



Milestones can be used to group tasks together and assess how close a project’s deliverable is to completion. nTask categorizes milestones, which are “upcoming,” “late,” “archived,” or “completed.”


Set up a time record approval process through nTask

You can now create an approval process for time records, streamline approvals and billing. Entries that are not approved are displayed as notifications in red on the timeline icon in the relevant project. Schedule entries can be approved as a single item or as a whole.



Basecamp is an online collaboration application that allows individuals to work together on other projects, events, or tasks. You can upload files to discuss, assign and track tasks that need to be accomplished, and have ongoing conversations with colleagues and clients.


Unlike full-fledged project management software, Basecamp has a protective style. It gives you places to chat, make announcements, and view upcoming tasks and events on the calendar. However, it does not come with all the rules of project management software. You won’t find Gantt charts or resource management tools, for example.


Basecamp is a good, affordable app for large teams if you are looking for a free environment where people can collaborate.


Basecamp Classic vs Basecamp 3

Basecamp has been around in one form since 2004, and the current version is very different from anything you’ve come across before 2012. The previous version is Basecamp Classic, and the current version is technically called Basecamp 3. For this review, when I say “Basecamp,” I’m talking about Basecamp 3.


If you haven’t looked at Basecamp since the split, a lot has changed. The old version is still available to original members bundled with their free accounts. If you’re not serious about the Classic, your only option now is to buy the Basecamp 3.


Basecamp pricing

A Basecamp account costs $99 per month or $999 per year, and you can add as many people as you want to it. You get 500GB of storage if you pay monthly while paying annually increases it to 1TB. There are no limits on anything else. You get a free 30-day trial; no credit card is required.


If you have a small team of three people or less, Basecamp offers an account at half price and half the storage: $49 per month and 250GB.


Nonprofit organizations and charities are eligible for the 10 percent discount. Teachers and students can use Basecamp for free. You must email the Basecamp support team to request one of these special offers.


How does Basecamp’s price compare to other collaboration apps? It looks fair and competitive, although it depends on how many people end up adding to your account.


Many other collaboration apps use a per person per month rate instead of a flat fee. Very few (Asana, Trello, Slack) start in the $8-$12 per person per month range. This will make Basecamp competitively priced if you have ten or more people in your account.


Collaboration apps vs. project management software

In its early days, Basecamp was the standard for free online project management software. Now, it’s no longer free (unless you’re a teacher or student), and project management software has evolved far beyond what Basecamp has ever offered. That’s why we classify Basecamp as a collaborative app rather than a project management software.


What makes these two categories different? Project management apps are a type of collaboration software, but not all collaboration software is for project management. A square is a rectangle, but a rectangle is not necessarily a square. The difference is due to what the app offers. Project management applications are designed for projects with three main features: start date, end date, and final delivery.

If you are reading this post, you must have already found yourself at the doors of potential clients waiting for the perfect communication tool that will help you unlock their lock without much effort.


We won’t tell you how differs from other software solutions. Instead, we’ll show you how can make your awareness a hit like never before and provide you with all the possible ways you can use this tool to achieve your ambitious goals.


 So what is is an all-in-one customer relationship management (CRM) and automated communication platform that offers a variety of tools for lead generation, data and contact management, email verification, email sending, and email tracking. Due to its versatile features, users often ask how they can use this platform. Let’s answer these common questions:


Can I use as a CRM?

Yes really. is a free CRM software designed to simplify your sales process.


Can I use as an automated marketing tool?



How can you use for successful communication?

Now let’s explore all the capabilities of to get a picture of the tool’s capabilities and how you can use it to communicate. So, what can you do with it?


Create and edit custom pipelines that reflect your sales process

With the free CRM from, you can easily manage your sales lines. Simply go to the pipeline list to create a new pipeline and, if necessary, edit it by renaming, changing their color, moving or deleting phases. Any changes you make to your channel will be automatically saved.


Collaborate with your team CRM allows you to work on deals in a team: you can view your team’s deals, add and share feedback with your teammates, designate responsible team members, and more.


If you want to leave a note on a deal, all you need is to go to the Deal card, write your note and save it. All notes can be edited, pinned, and deleted.


Find an email address for a specific specialist.

To reach the right person for business purposes, you can use the individual email search feature of the Email Finder tool that will allow you to find a specialized email address in less than a minute.


Find email addresses from links to social networking sites

If you have a list of people’s social profile URLs, it won’t take you anything to find their emails: just use the social URL search feature and upload your own CSV or TXT file with links to social networking profiles (like LinkedIn or Twitter)., formerly known as Dapulse, is an online collaborative app. Teams use it to organize and track their work. Is it a project management application? Strictly speaking, no – but I can see why someone might call it (more to come).


In fact, it is more like a set of highly customized spreadsheets where everyone on the team records the tasks they need to complete and is updated with status reports and other relevant information.


This way, each team member can see all the active tasks and their progress, making it easy to move work from one person to another or to jump in quickly if someone is suddenly unavailable. has a modern, attractive interface and is relatively easy to use. Given that similar apps offer a free level of service and more straightforward subscription options, may be more competitive. Pricing & Plans

You can try for free for 14 days; no credit card is required. After that, you have to pay for an account. You’ll need to look at a complex pricing evaluation form to see exactly how much, as prices depend on the number of people on the team, level of service, and duration of commitment. platform does not charge per person. Instead, it has rates for groups up to a certain number—for example, a team of five starts at $49 a month. A team of 20 people starts at $199 per month.


If you have 16 people on your team, you should pay for a plan of up to 20 people. If you have 60 people on your team, you should pay for a plan of up to 100 people. The closer the size of your team is to the maximum, the more reasonable the prices will be.


In addition to calculating the size of the team, there are four levels of service to choose from: basic, standard, professional, and enterprise.


The basic version starts at $49 per month for five people and includes 5GB of storage, unlimited boards, and 24/7 support. The basic plan has serious limitations.


You don’t get timelines, calendar views, map views, advanced search, time tracking, or other features that considers progressive. You don’t even get integrations. I find it hard to find a compelling reason why anyone would pay for this degree of service.


What is looks like an evolution from collaborative spreadsheets. Imagine Google Sheets in the hands of an extraordinarily capable designer. You can access as a web app or on a mobile device (iOS and Android).


The initial setup is a simple network. You choose what goes into it. What might be called panels are here, and you can view more than one of them at any time. also shares similarities with kanban apps, and there’s a kanban board demo you can use, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


Zoho One

Our advanced approach to business software provides one integrated, customizable platform to work smarter and grow faster.


Get your work done from anywhere.

Today, business is being done everywhere. Zoho One includes free Android and iOS mobile apps so you can get things done wherever you are. Zoho One Admin app is also available, giving you a single app that lets you use your mobile device to get your work done.

Flexible and customizable solution

Often, programs dictate the way business is done. But the opposite is true. Zoho One is built on a reliable and flexible platform, giving you the developer tools needed to customize, extend, and integrate our apps in the ways you see fit.


Low-code and zero-code tools are available, and trusted partners are ready to help you achieve your goals.

Unconventional Artificial Intelligence (AI), business information, and more

When you use one set of integrated apps, you can do amazing things. One such app is Zia, Zoho’s intelligent assistant that can help you work smarter. Some pre-made reports and dashboards give you the ability to report in multiple departments so you can see your organization’s data and make better strategic decisions.



The score has been recognized as the easiest to use and second-highest-rated business process management software by G2 Crowd.


G2 Crowd is a global peer-to-peer review platform for business solutions. With rapid growth and explosive popularity, the G2 Crowd review site now has over 200,000 software reviews.


Their goal, of course, is not just to collect user experiences but to provide software buyers with in-depth guides and updated market reports. They have developed several methodologies to help you simplify your software purchasing process and quickly identify the most suitable products.


Choosing Scoro – Evaluate your existing operations and identify all the tools and features you may need. The life cycle of a business process can not only span an extended period. Still, it may also require the use of several different systems, and the more complex the process, the more likely systems will be needed.


While BPM software is excellent for automating tasks and reducing the time it takes, it can only do so if it integrates effectively with other tools and software. Check if the selected software solution has all the features or integrations you need.


When choosing software – check if the seller offers professional support for setting up the software.

Because some tools are so powerful, the learning curve can be steep. This is where a strong support team comes in.


You will need to consider who will run the tool for your business and their comfort level with this software. You will also have to consider how much time and effort you are willing to devote to the software implementation project. Remember, to make this new program a success for your company; you have to invest your time and focus.


Thank you, Team G2 Crowd, for these detailed, up-to-date, and unbiased reports on B2B software. Thank you, loyal users, for writing these reviews and helping other companies discover the power of comprehensive business software.


Peer-to-peer reviews are one of the most reliable and accurate ways to find out what software your business needs. Of course, keep in mind that every business and team is different. Read reviews, see ratings, do free trials, make demos with software experts – choose the perfect solution without hesitation.



Odoo is an integrated software system for continuous planning and measurement of enterprise and corporate resources (ERP).


It is considered one of the most extensive ready-to-use software with an adjustable source code, according to the AGPL open source software license.


The odoo program seeks to be one of the most prominent customer references in accounting software and databases.

Advantages of open source software

The possibility of adding new functions to the system or modifying readily available parts by activating additional software units or creating new software units.


In addition to the possibility of deploying and exchanging additional software modules between system users, which provides other functionality not available on all platforms.


Odoo also offers programs that suit all types of activities, whether commercial, industrial, or service, and specialized activities such as managing hospitals and dispensaries, managing schools and educational institutes, car rental, contracting, and other activities.


It always seeks to develop its services in line with the requirements of its clients to make the work environment in companies more accessible, faster, and more productive. We have different price plans to suit the needs of each client. We strive to achieve the highest quality at the most reasonable price.

Explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of the odoo program

And by applying the highest level of accuracy and efficiency to be an integrated program to facilitate the work of institutions at a decent professional level in the fastest time.


The odoo program also provides a wide range of modules through which the user can activate the software modules that provide only the functions he needs.


Such as accounting, sales, warehousing, purchasing, manufacturing, human resources, customer relations, points of sale, etc., which makes the system more straightforward and less crowded.


It saves time through the program, as it provides a system that enables you to follow all accounts from anywhere without committing to the company’s headquarters.


It saves you money as the odoo program is distinguished from others that when you buy the source code, you will not pay annual licensing rights like other accounting programs. Once you own the program, it is recognized that you have the right to modify it because it is open source and fully licensed.



More than 40,000 companies worldwide use NetSuite to manage various business functions. They are packed with exceptional and practical features, with vast customization possibilities, to suit different companies and commercial activities.


Built-in flexibility

NetSuite adapts to the changing nature of business. When you need to expand, restructure, or adopt new approaches, NetSuite responds with ease. It also keeps all customizations, settings, and more during system updates automatically.


Resource management system and user interface at the same time

In addition to the enterprise resource management system, NetSuite includes a customizable user interface, which can be used as a system for commerce or communication with customers.



Advanced e-commerce with a system that links e-commerce interface, order management, inventory management, customer relationship management, and financial management in one package.


From marketing, resale, cross-selling, refurbishment, and ending with customer service. CRM through the life cycle contributes to the establishment of a practical approach to the development of CRM.


Corporate Business Management

NetSuite ERP handles all critical operations and financial management within the company via the cloud. Software as a Service is a comprehensive, integrated service that connects all business functions into a unified system.


Global corporate management

Global Business Management via OneWorld. Manage multiple currencies, global tax rules, and reporting requirements globally. The perfect solution to complement the development to a worldwide level.


Wholesale and retail trade

They are designed to meet the needs of the multi-channel business through solutions-oriented to service electronic exchange and management of relations between the company and the other and between the company and customers.


Corporate Business Management

Accurately manage invoices and raise profitability through a system that includes project management, project accounting, resource management, time record, and expense management in a comprehensive system for service companies.



Project and task management programs are critical programs for business managers in companies. Through these programs, you can manage tasks and plan good projects.


Task Manager is more than just a task manager that checks items on your to-do list! It is an organized system for defining, controlling, and managing the work that you and your team do.


ClickUp is the best task management tool globally and is used by companies like Google, Nike, and Airbnb.


It has all the features you need to increase your productivity and manage your tasks super smoothly, and unlike other management tools, it is easy to use too!


It is one of the free tools, and here are the most critical features of this tool:

  • Save task lists as templates to instantly add them to future projects and set up recurring tasks for your projects.
  • Prioritize tasks when completing projects with a simple, color-coded system.
  • ClickUp comes with powerful reminders to help you always keep track of your results, and you can customize where and when you receive these reminders.
  • ClickUp has plenty of notifications to keep you updated on the developments of your tasks.
  • ClickUp gives you multiple views to manage tasks the way you want.
  • It allows you to convert comments into individual tasks to manage tasks instantly quickly.
  • Price: Free for $5 per month per user and above.

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