Design Rationale for Technology Transfer: ATFP

The second case is an investigation into the use of DR as a facilitator of technology transfer. Since the Spring of 2002, we have been working with the United States Marine Corps on a decision model and cognitive support system to aid effective allocation of antiterrorism and force protection (ATFP) resources at Marine Corps installations. A central concern for the ATFP work is the migration or transfer of the technology across institutional boundaries and its adoption into local practices. In this particular case, technology developed in an academic partnership with a unit within the Marine Corps is to be transferred to other units both within the Marine Corps and to other services and government organizations. The work is ongoing and the report here is only a preliminary treatment.

The decision model and system developed for Marine Corps antiterrorism officers, facilities planners, public works officers, and military police provides support for asset prioritization, calculation of antiterrorism mitigation project utilities, resource allocation, and acts as a repository for organizational learning in the ATFP domain. Requirements have been gathered and refined through a series of briefings, informal and formal design reviews of the evolving prototype, and cognitive walkthroughs [22] with prospective users at Marine Corps installations. Over 100 Marine Corps officers and civilian personnel have reviewed the project, and over 30 have participated in focused cognitive walkthroughs.

In addition to the core decision model and cognitive support system that implements it, the project involved development of a range of knowledge resources to aid users working in the domain including a training module and explanation facility. The project’s Website includes a scenario editor that captures details of real and envisioned interactions with the system in response to a range of decision making and planning problems collected in the field.


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